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Textile restoration is a professional approach to cleaning textiles such as clothes, drapes and other household fabrics. It combines multiple cleaning techniques as well as proper solvents and agitation to remove odors, avoid re-contamination and return textiles to their pre-loss condition.

We have the scientific expertise to remove soot and odor as a result of damage from fire, smoke, water or mold. At CRDN of Central and Eastern North Carolina , we have spent years focused on this specialized area. We have the technology and infrastructure to handle virtually any job. And we employ the latest solvents and solutions to achieve an excellent outcome every time.

Yes. Successful removal of contaminants requires customized treatment — often calling for the application of restoration procedures within hours to prevent secondary or permanent damage. Seconds count and no one is more responsive than CRDN of Central and Eastern North Carolina .

Put it in our hands and we will always do our very best to restore textiles to their pre-loss condition. Our deodorizing process is designed to break up the smoke molecules and remove the contaminant, thus eliminating odor.

No, actually. Restoration is often less expensive than replacement (offering up to 84% savings on average). Our services deliver added value to insurance companies and the homeowners and businesses they insure.

  • Shoes, belts, purses
  • All garments
  • Window treatments
  • Rugs
  • Linens and towels
  • Wedding gowns
  • Leather, suede and furs
  • Stuffed animals
  • Items as directed by the adjuster based on scope
  • Items that cost less to replace than restore
  • Polyester bed pillows, shower curtain liners, flip flops and most anything made of plastic
  • Items that are scorched, burned or otherwise obviously damaged or deteriorated, or items with extensive pre-existing damage
  • Items in poor condition (i.e., belt missing a buckle)
  • Outdated, non-fitting garments that are no longer worn

Yes. Our 24/7 emergency rush service helps homeowners receive important clothing such as work and sports uniforms quickly (often within 48-72 hours). so they have items to wear while the rest of their garments and household items are being cleaned and store until ready for delivery.

Our solutions are environmentally safe and biodegradable.

Our professional textile restoration process typically takes 2-3 weeks.

All services follow strict protocols with regard to inventory, handling and storage:

  • Every order is individually entered and tracked electronically
  • Items are stored in our secure facility until they are cleaned and ready to be returned to the customer
  • We offer detailed delivery reports to ensure accuracy

All claims are handled directly between CRDN of Central and Eastern North Carolina and the insurance company. There is zero upfront cost to the homeowner.

Technically, we have been in business since 1916, when Brothers Cleaners first went into operation. That said, in 1991 we created a division dedicated exclusively to textile restoration and then officially joined the Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network (CRDN) in 2001. Today, CRDN of Central and Eastern North Carolina is one of the most advanced, successful and most widely respected textile restoration specialists in the Southeast. Year after year we are a Contractor Connect Top Performer and the 2015 recipient of the Contract Connect Golden Hammer Award for outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction. We proudly cover Central Eastern North Carolina – with locations in Raleigh, Greensboro and Fayetteville.