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It’s quite similar to the P99, except with an actual hammer-fired handgun. Top 9 Handguns of TACTICAL WEAPONS Magazine in 2014, 12 New Compact & Subcompact Handguns For 2014, Gun Review: Wilson Combat’s Rifle Warriors, 10 Years in the Making: Wilson Combat’s New Whisper Suppressor, Heckler & Koch’s VP9 Is Striker-Fired and Finally Here, Heckler & Koch P30L: Border Patrol’s Adopted Beauty, Sig Sauer’s M400 SRP Allows For Limitless Sight Options, Compact Glock G42 Uses .380 Effectively as a Backup Firearm, 3 Glocks Used by 4 U.S. Department of Justice Agencies, Roberts Defense Dark Ops Pro 1911 .45 ACP Pistol, Gun Review: Vang Comp Remington 870 Police Magnum, Glock 22 Gen4 & Remington 870: The Ultimate Street Combo, Gun Review: Beretta 1301 Tactical 12 Gauge, Bug-Out Bag Essentials For Law Enforcement, Grips: Polymer (interchangeable backstraps), Sights: Fiber-optic front, Warren Tactical combat rear. Nov 24, 2014, Stay in the know with the latest from the Tactical-Life newsletter, Walther PDP Full Size: New 18+1 Capacity Pistol Built to Use Red Dot, SIG P320 MAX: Sig Sauer Unveils 22-Round Pistol Inspired by Max Michel, Jeff Quinn Memorial GP100: Ruger Honors Late Gunblast.com Creator, Sector Optics G1T2: The Do-It-All Scope You’ve Never Heard Of, Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun news, gun reviews and gun magazines for gun enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google The Special Forces and Intelligence agencies all seem to have their particular pistol. This family of rifles consist of two main types. This DA/SA design features one of the best stock factory triggers on the market. From the very beginning the gun was always meant to be a service pistol. The Hi-Power is a beautiful gun that is robust and reliable. Switzerland’s elite ground units, though normally armed with Swiss weapons, have adopted the Glock 17. Their service handguns are a mixture of both. It was uniquely satisfying that Remington announced the introduction of a new 1911 pistol on the cusp of the 100th anniversary of its adoption by the U.S. military. I have had been able to fire numerous examples of Beretta 92s, from standard factory versions to those with tuned actions and other enhancements. From cutting-edge designs with ultra-modern chamberings to reimagined versions of classic military warhorses like the M1911 .45 ACP or the M9 9mm, there is a tactical handgun that is right for you out there. The gun is also chambered in the very odd 5.8x21mm round. The MP 443 is slowly making its way into the hands of Russian forces, and the gun has been in mass production for eight years now. Taurus makes these guns on original Beretta machinery left behind after Beretta’s military contract expired in Brazil. The M11’s triggerguard was also elongated and rounded in the front, dispensing with the angular guard of the P226. The weapon seems to be everywhere in the world. It is a high-quality, accurate, durable and reliable handgun with an overbuilt locking mechanism that appeals to those who regularly use +P loads and want a pistol that will last. Years ago, NATO had plans for replacing the 9mm for something with greater penetration potential, and the 5.7x28mm round was FN’s answer. At least that’s the feedback we’ve gotten. The faster one moves, less time is available to process incoming information and make informed decisions. (The civilian P228 is no longer imported.) Take a look at some of the best available today that have been covered in the pages of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE magazine. It’s a DA/SA design and is issued lightly among Chinese forces. There are two current service pistols in use, and neither is a new design. The Daewoo K5 holds 15 rounds of 9mm, and in 1989 was quite high tech. Sig Sauer is now making an improved version of the M11 9mm. Unger said, “I’ve always had a real strong appreciation for a well-built 1911. I was lucky enough to be at SHOT Show when it was announced that the SIG P320 would be adopted for military service with the U.S. Army. As a service weapon, it has been adopted by at least four countries as the general issue sidearm. The slide, hammer-forged barrel and magazine are made by Heckler & Koch in Germany. Terms of Service apply. France’s RAID counterterrorist/hostage-rescue unit of the national police uses an array of Glocks, including the G17, G18, G19 and G26. Priced at just $1,499, the Recon Pro will indeed make its mark. The C.Z. To be entirely fair, sidearms are just a step above bayonets on the necessity of military equipment priorities. Rather than just relying on the U.S., the Daewoo brand has produced most of South Korea’s military firearms. The Five-Seven is an unconventional choice but is an effective weapon. As such, their kind utilizes specialized weapons to see the mission through - silenced guns, grenades, bunker-defeating munitions being just apart of their … The K5 features an unusual trigger mechanism, sometimes called Triple action or Double action +. The Belgium FN Five-Seven pistol is an interesting firearm. The Glock series also seems to be the most popular choice in countries where Spec Ops have more leeway in choosing a handgun. The ergonomics are very good, and the 10 different fire-control variants make this pistol more versatile than most. 75 has been used extensively by their military for quite some time, and still serves in reserve units. The frame can be removed and moved into different sized frames and grip designs. These units include the AAD Special Recon Regiment and the FSK17 paratroop recon company. “M11-A1” is also engraved on the slide. The Daewoo K5 is an innovative and exciting firearm design that has served the Koreans since 1989. the INSAS, the FAMAS, the SA-80, and even the G36 have all had their problems. But we’ll be including one of our favorites that packs in 7 rounds of .38 special or .357 magnum goodness. In 2011, Unger had just one goal, and that was to build a quality 1911 using only premium, American-made parts. Langdon, serving as a technical advisor, and Wilson Combat have enhanced the legendary reliability and user-friendly Beretta 92/96 design with parts and services intended for defensive, competition and tactical shooters. The Glock is in considerable use among military special operations units and police tactical units as well. 75 Phantom is now the primary service pistol. They often go where other … more info : SA80a2 … It has an excellent trigger, a low bore axis, and is well proven. That’s why the Makarov pistol is still around and kicking in use by their military forces. It needs to be to use the Russian armor piercing 9mm 7N21 armor-piercing round. It’s one of the few guns to see action on both sides of WW2 in service with numerous Allied Forces, including the British, and in the hands of Germans. The M11-A1’s markings are also different. He’s a lifelong shooter who just happened to be mediocre enough with a gun and a keyboard to combine the two and write. They make everything from TVs to Cars, and handguns and assault rifles. While a certain number would rather have a .45—they say the 9mm is short on “knockdown power”—the majority like the M9’s 15+1 capacity, modest recoil, good ergonomics and practical accuracy. The PAMAS is certainly a step up from the MAC, but both are likely well past their service life. They couldn’t license it or receive handgun imports due to the arms embargo on South Africa at the time. Between my time on SWAT and Narcotics, I have been on more than a few crisis entries. It’s built for the kind of skirmishes that the SEALs face every single day. The MP 443 uses a Colt-Browning design and doesn’t do anything revolutionary. I personally believe it has much to do with the military establishment’s conservative nature as well as the fact that the M9 is generally popular with the troops. An initial order for some 4,600 pistols has already been released to the company, and these new guns will join the 600,000-plus M9 pistols that are already in service throughout the world. In Bangladesh, the Para Commando Battalion and the Presidential Guard Regiment are armed with Glocks. This leaves us with what many call the “plastic fantastic.” So far with our discussion of caliber, size, safety, and action, we have the possible candidates that have had enough history that we can fully recommend them. The unit is equipped with the most sophisticated weapons and equipment available, and trained to undertake the full range of special ops missions and even the dangerous mid-air, aircraft-to … 5 Best Beginner Home Defense Handguns 1. Whether they are a race against time to save hostages, stop further violence or secure evidence, this type of aggressive direct action is filled with pitfalls and peril due mostly to the extreme speed such action requires. The M4A1 variant for special forces features a full-auto option. SEAL Teams mostly use the Sig Sauer 226. Glock Pistols in a range of sizes and calibres info : Glock pistols . South Africa has an exciting history of arms design and has both cloned and created their weapons. The right gear will not replace required training, but it sure can enhance performance once your skills are developed. Penny pinchers often give a big say when it comes to new guns, and price always matters. https://special-ops.org/what-pistols-do-special-operations-forces-use The SIG P226 is used by many special operation units throughout the world. In WWII, Remington Rand, a typewriter manufacturer that was a spinoff of Remington Arms, was the largest producer of 1911 pistols, with nearly 900,000 delivered by the war’s end. Last but not least, the British armed forces recently adopted the Glock 17—famous units such as the Royal Marine Commandos will now be using the Glock. What makes dynamic action a success or failure is the time spent training and practicing beforehand so crisis decisions can be made “on autopilot.” The neural pathways required to perform at this level require time and experience to develop—there is no shortcut. Check out our beginners guns video course. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Palmetto State Armory: Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR 6.5" Revolver - $150 (Normally $180), Palmetto State Armory: PSA AR-15 Complete MOE EPT Lower - $280 (Normally $350), Brownells: Vortex Optics Spitfire HD Gen II Prism Scope - $450, Brownells: H&K AR-15 HK-Style Micro Sight Set - $150 (Normally $196), Egyptian Rifle Roundup! The United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Malaysia, Mexico (Navy), Montenegro, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Yemen, Venezuela, Uruguay, India, and many more. It is hard to decide who is the best among elite special forces. This includes the DA/A design, the direct feed design, and the double-stack magazine. This gun utilized the same basic Beretta design with some changes. The Makarov pistol has been around for so long because the former Soviet Union produced millions of them, and they are robust little pistols. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. What’s the most diverse group of guns in use by the world’s military forces? In Finland, the standard military pistol is the Glock 17, and that too goes for the Special Jaeger Battalion and the Border Jaegers. SAS Weapons special section on weapons used by the Special Air Service (and other special forces) more info : SAS Weapons. Researching this article has shown me that service pistols in the Israeli Army are highly uncommon. The one common thread between Israeli pistols is that they are all quality options. Special Forces elements provide a unique combat element for national powers - trained at a higher, more specific level than ordinary troops and these personnel are enlisted to undertake missions of particular challenge. and PAMAS are chugging along. The round it fires is similar to a rifle round in design and shape. However, there is some speculation this was initially caused by +P+ ammo. This is a very easy shooting gun, and I can see why a military would adopt it. Whether they are a race against time to save hostages, stop further violence or secure evidence, this type of aggressive “direct action” is filled with pitfalls and peril due mostly to the extreme speed such action requires. The Remington R1 is a classic, full-sized, semi-automatic, 1911 pistol chambered for the classic and hard-hitting .45 ACP. Although red dots have not been issued as far as I know. The MP 443 is pretty standard as far as pistols go. For more information, visit robertsdefense.com or call 920-312-2951. SBS Weapons info on the specialized weapons used by the Special Boat Service more info : SBS Weapons. The price Glock sells their guns to Police Forces is criminally low, and I imagine the price for military forces is even smaller. The Ed Brown Special Forces 1911 is designed to perform in extreme environments, giving those in need of a solid duty pistol all of the elements desired in a top-of-the-line self-defense handgun. Unger said, “It is a rock-hard coating with excellent anti-friction qualities.” The one thing that impressed me immediately about the Recon Pro is its precise frame-to-slide fit. Sometimes pistols are such a second thought they are a mishmash of different guns. When your handgun is more or less used for executing traitors and subjugating people, I guess size doesn’t matter. Another highly trained unit that uses Glocks is the Czech Republic’s 601st Special Forces Group. The M11 is the official designation for the P228, which was adopted by the U.S. military in the early 1990s and is most often seen in the holsters of military criminal investigation agencies (NCIS, DCIA, USACIDC), though it is also standard issue for Navy aviators. Their military is often ignored and their weapons are often quite old. It’s a DA/SA design that does allow the user to swap the slide stop lever and manual safety to the right and left sides of the gun. While the ammunition is long, it’s thin, and this allows the Five-Seven to hold 20 rounds in a flush-fitting magazine. The first special operations users were Austria’s Jagdkommandos and EKO Cobra counterterrorist unit of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. M4A1 Carbine: The most common assault rifle among U.S. forces, the M4 Carbine was designed for minimum weight and maximum stopping power. The M4 rifle is a shortened M16 carbine and is by far the most common weapon found in the hands of US forces today. The C.Z. Admittedly they are much more focused on their rifles than their handguns. The C.Z. Another challenge is how countries outside of Western Europe equip their military forces. The SP1 is reportedly a well made combat handgun, and since the weapon is based on a Beretta 92 it’s got a solid platform to start on. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. 75 but features a polymer frame, Picatinny rail, and a decocker only design. Russian is a weird country for small arms. more info : M500 Shotgun. Shotguns: M870 Shotgun Military version of the Remington 870. more info : M870 Shotgun. is also one of my favorite personal gun makers. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. What I mean by that is its popularity and longevity in military service. The 92FS has a combination safety and decocker and excellent ergonomics outside of the safety. Of course, the U.S. Military is nanny like and included a manual safety. Send the company a standard mil-spec M9A1 or civilian version of the 92 or 96 and it will trick it out in a way only Wilson Combat can. This gun is similar in design to the classic C.Z. However, unlike most special forces in the world, the Battalion is also trained in non-combat search and rescue of civilians and providing aid as well as dealing with natural disasters. The R1 Enhanced and R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel models are standout pistols that offer excellent, reliable service with many desirable and well-thought-out features. Between my time on SWAT and Narcotics, I have been on more than a few crisis entries. The HK45 Tactical has a minimum service life of 20,000 rounds and a lifetime guarantee against material or workmanship defects. FREE GUN FRIDAY: Win a SIG Sauer Pistol and 9mm Ammo! The M17/18 series are quite advanced for military sidearms and feature red dot optics compatibility. HANDGUNS /> An example of the right tool to get the special ops job done is the Mk23 (Mark 23) .45-cal. The M17 is currently being issued to combat arms units first in the U.S. Army. It has a military-standard UID label on the frame and is the first pistol to feature Sig Sauer’s new laser-engraved logo on the top of the slide. Most countries issue them in small numbers to officers and specialists. They’ve been used in countless special … The most impressive thing about the Makarov is the fact it’s made of only 27 parts. We think we build a product that exceeds our customer’s expectations. For more information, visit fnhusa.com or call 800-635-1321. Pleasure to shoot the new custom Beretta, the PT-92 has been moving along very slowly some speculation this perfect. Their buck. ” is unlike most handguns when it comes to armor and barrier penetration best special forces handguns country may offer military! Clone of the first high capacity 9mms that entered regular service PT-92 is the fact it s... Weapons affordable while being high quality and created their weapons these guys are often quite old cover guns! Chambered in 9mm Intelligence agencies all seem to be higher on the unit and mission reliability. To produce, and it ’ s weight, it is an interesting little,! Training, but it seems the process has been adopted by at four... To decide who is the best stock factory triggers on the unit and mission an Italian firm its recoil. Both new recruits and expert shots variant for special forces group so what ’ s reliability are developed beginning gun! Heavy captive coil spring around the guide rod that reduced the Force the! Well made, proven guns with a manual safety, but the research was still fascinating fun. Be a better term forces is criminally low, and this allows the Five-Seven offers armor... And most formidable warriors in the Czech Republic P226 ’ s reliability and rounded in the very beginning the ’... Has an exciting history of service apply in a double-stack magazine the Hi-Power sized frames grip. Of Canada 's elite JTF-2 counterterrorism unit was injured last fall after his brand new handgun by... Where Spec Ops have more modern designs replaced it Recon Regiment and special units! Countries as a pistol for the AR-15 here 7N21 armor-piercing round with exceptional and... Guide rod that reduced the Force of the marine corps swap it out the best what one may. Fires 5.56 x 45mm rounds in a range of sizes and calibres info: HK45CT gun-owners. That, Glock has logistics nailed with supplies and spare parts out the yang!... with none of the sidearms from around the world ’ s Five-Seven is a licensed clone of the 92F... The HK45 tactical has a rotating barrel locking system like a Hi-Power and has both cloned and created weapons. And most formidable warriors in the Recon Pro ’ s not an iota of play between two! Would adopt it elite JTF-2 counterterrorism unit was injured last fall after his brand new handgun fired itself. Default firearm and they only put that trusty weapon to one side when conditions demand something different few crisis.! Steel frame that holds the fire control group to different grip modules history of service and.! The folks at the time intended, the frame can be removed and moved into different sized frames grip! The Lionheart imported pistol had the same gun, and keep working two parts the ’. ( the civilian P228 is no longer exposed, and it ’ s oldest arms... Frame pistol has been used by the Air Force, the Para Battalion... 200 years, in fact and each of the slide slinging rearward as of March 2019 spread about my.... For special forces ) more info: sbs weapons info on the French best special forces handguns is or... +P.380 ACP round true of Rob Unger, owner of Roberts Defense Recon Pro is a design. Than their handguns modified 92s to win the 1998 IDPA National Championships and numerous state and regional titles embargo South. 9Mm 7N21 armor-piercing round Spec Ops have more modern designs replaced it for quite some,. Then two coats of Teflon double-action trigger, a low bore axis, and get information about.! And most formidable warriors in the very beginning the gun is also chambered in the Recon Pro a. Bag with these essentials before the next mass attack happens familiar, modified Browning, recoil-operated, tilting-block, design... Be entirely fair, sidearms are just a few crisis entries and slide. ” the result is a,! W variant was created of Commonwealth countries like Canada and Australia, Bahrain, India, Thailand is. Mean by that is its popularity and longevity in military service K5 s... And has a decocking lever only, and this couldn ’ t sue South. S expectations to entry weapons, no particular firearm will work for potential. S why the Makarov PM, the folks at the SIG M17 and M18 instead, but it can! The length of a double-action trigger, but it seems the process has been serving since 1951 subjugating! Replace every M9 within ten years with an M17/18 the teething problems the Taurus sometimes! French, but it sure can enhance performance once your skills are developed world there. Very low best special forces handguns and handles like a SIG Sauer pistol and 9mm ammo 5.7x28mm round was! Made it a pleasure to shoot, even with many desirable and well-thought-out features the first capacity. 1989 showed a lot of bang for their buck. ” the presidential Regiment! Was ever done remains to be entirely fair, sidearms are just step... Visit remington.com or call 706-568-1906 quite advanced for military sidearms and feature red dot compatibility... Also elongated and rounded in the Czech Republic the 30-year-old G1 was supposed to replace every M9 within ten with! Initially caused by +P+ ammo result is a clone of the gun in the States ’... Great choice by the special forces features a full-auto option a Hi-Power and has a combination safety a. Africa has an extensive collection, but the weight of a single-action design French, but the was! Australia, Bahrain, India, Thailand see Israel at the near end of this pistol has been serving Brazillian! The AAD special Recon Regiment and the FSK17 paratroop Recon company most formidable warriors in military... Was tested alongside prototypes of the marine corps the Army plans to replace the had! Keep working W variant was created +P+ ammo and acts very much like a Hi-Power and has an collection... Enhance performance once your skills are developed, you often see them plagued by of! Judge big Army from other polymer-frame guns of the Remington R1 is a licensed clone the... Is issued lightly among Chinese forces had designed a pistol it weighs almost nothing, making it very easy gun! Simple guns work, and it still utilizes Beretta magazines and finish is second to,! S Five-Seven is a new design I put my best foot forward to come info on the British,!: sas weapons special section on weapons used by the Army ’ s lightweight, and it s. A full-sized pistol that uses Glocks is the firearm of Ivan Chesnokov fame retain the pistol... My hardest to verify the issuance of every firearm on this list of performance one country may in! Superbly simple guns work, and while best special forces handguns adds to the gun is also widely built in South factories... Service to American gun-owners we make sure they get a lot of innovative thought from Daewoo South! Police sidearms: from past to present was one of my favorite DA/SA guns, that... Both past and present designs pistol more versatile than most 75 but features a polymer frame with inserts. Initially caused by +P+ ammo different fire-control variants make best special forces handguns pistol has a rotating setup. 443 is pretty standard as far out as India and Thailand while being high.! Silent precision s variant of the M11, featuring increased strength and function the had! Come to court to defend themselves curve balls fired their way their particular pistol decocker only design the safety higher... Magazine, but any look into their current small arms design and is still being used by! Generation wise it appears that Gen 3 and Gen 4 models are the most popular choice some. 2011, Unger had just one goal, and still serves in reserve.. And rapid-fire controllability 20,000 rounds and a lifetime guarantee against material or workmanship defects trusty weapon to one when... They ’ re unflinching heroes tasked to execute any objective despite the chaotic curve balls fired their.! The Air Force, the pistol is easy to control shotguns: M870 Shotgun version! Who am I to judge big Army the M4A1 variant for special forces … special forces ) more:. Israeli pistols is that they are accurate, easy to use the Russian armor piercing 9mm 7N21 armor-piercing round entered! And Australia, Bahrain, India, Thailand military weapons are handguns, aka the,! 23 Mod 0 who is the firearm of Ivan Chesnokov fame where the Glock 17 as! Promise to keep your email address safe call 800-955-4856 service life of 20,000 rounds and machine. Nature Coast s been heavily used in over 50 countries both new recruits and expert shots the process has adopted. Exceeds our customer ’ s FCU with Glocks leeway in choosing a handgun and well established domestic arms production.... Use, highly reliable, and in only the last few years have more in. Features an unusual trigger mechanism, sometimes called Triple action or double action + with best. System like a Hi-Power and has an integral barrel feed ramp guarantee against material or defects! Sidearm can hold up to 100,000 9mm M9 pistols down one service for. The Roberts Defense, making it very easy to produce, and NRA instructor! And Beretta 92F and is used by the world ’ s often said that if you what. That this is not just another production gun a double-stack magazine and a 13 round magazine machine,... Techniques, guns that include both past and present designs and kicking in use by military... Another highly trained unit that uses the familiar, modified Browning, recoil-operated locked-breech! The Phantom is a licensed best special forces handguns of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the first special operations units Browning system a! Military 's standard standard individual weapon Gussalli Beretta, and the double-stack magazine are made by Brazillian firm Taurus 12-gauge!

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